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  • Cupping device – vacuum pump

    Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $7.00.
  • Plastic self-adhesive handles, 4 handles without drill screws, removable and replaceable, automatic push rod, booster for cabinets, showcases, sliding doors, wardrobe drawers

    Original price was: $10.07.Current price is: $8.39.

    [High-quality material]: Made of high-quality plastic, sturdy and durable. The sliding door handle is perfectly designed, and the smooth appearance will not scratch your furniture or hurt your hands.


    [Simple installation]: The self-adhesive handle has self-adhesive glue, just tear off the self-adhesive glue, and then stick it on any furniture without punching. Multiple built-in designs make it easier to withstand push and pull and save manpower.


    [Strong load-bearing capacity]: 3M adhesive tape is used, which has strong adhesion and super load-bearing capacity, even if it is hung with heavy objects, it will not fall! If you want to remove it easily, you can heat it with a hair dryer for a few minutes.


    [Wide use]: Widely used in doors and windows, cabinet doors, drawer doors, glass doors, refrigerator doors and other furniture, as well as glazed tiles, glass mirrors, patterned tiles, frosted glass, wooden lacquered toilet lids and any smooth and clean surface.


    [Package included]: The set includes 4 PCS handles, size: 3*11 cm/1.2*4.3 inches, window auxiliary handles are an excellent interior decoration for your home, with these handle helpers, your life will be more convenient!

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  • Soldering Station Helping Hands Third Hand Soldering Tool with 6 Helping Hands Aluminum Base for Soldering, Non-Slip Aluminum Base, Assembly, Repair, Modeling, Hobby, Crafts

    • This is a sturdy, well built helping hands device for.
    • Heavy Sturdy Aluminum Base, No worry for tipping over even with a heavy project.
    • With six large rubber feet that keep the helping had soldering station from sliding around on your bench.
    • Six stainless steel alligator clamps are mounted onto the threaded end of the goosenecks. Matched with a thumb nut, each clamp can be rotated 360 degrees in either direction then locked into place.
    • Six Hands are Better Than Four, six all metal flexible ‘gooseneck’ arms can be put exactly where you want and they’ll stay. No more fumbling around with tiny set screws or other hard to adjust arms. Just move them where you want and let go.
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  • 360°rotating hook hanger, multifunctional folding non-slip sturdy movable space hanger, smart wardrobe organizer, advanced wardrobe

    Original price was: $20.15.Current price is: $16.79.

    [High-quality material]: The hanger is made of high-strength PP material, which has high strength, rigidity, elasticity, abrasion resistance and good wear resistance. It is very similar to metal, durable, and has strong bearing capacity.


    [Anti-slip design]: The hanger has widened shoulders and arms, and adopts an intimate surface, so that the clothes will not slip and have no traces, and there is no need to worry about leaving traces on the clothes. It has no burrs or flashes and can protect your value clothes


    [Folding storage]: The multifunctional hanger has 8 foldable hangers, which can be folded and stored, saving 70% of the space. The wardrobe that can only put actual clothes in the past can now put dozens of clothes. The perforated hook design of the magic hanger is simple and easy to use.


    [Easy to use]: It is simple and convenient to use, and it can be easily stored with just one touch. After being opened, it can be used to dry clothes on the balcony, and after being folded, it can be used to store clothes in a closet, saving space.


    [Multi-purpose]: 360-degree rotating hooks make it easier to hang and scan all hangers. The linear tubular hook design is very suitable for your coats, tops, clothes, bars, ties, belts, pajamas, shawls, skirts and tight overalls , Does not skid.

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  • 75L Camping Hiking Backpack Hiking Mountain Climbing Backpack Water-proof with Rain Cover for Camping

    Original price was: $71.99.Current price is: $59.99.

    [Adjustable strap]-Adjust the tightness of the shoulder straps according to your needs and choose the right angle to give you a more comfortable experience, suitable for all people.


    [Waterproof]-Made of polyester and nylon fabric, high quality, resistant to abrasion and tearing, with a rain cover to prevent water from entering the bag, and to keep the contents of the bag dry at any time.


    [Large capacity]-With main storage, top storage, bottom storage, and many other pockets, you can easily put it in your tent, shoes, laptop, blanket or cooking utensils, etc.


    [Comfortable experience]-The belt is designed with a breathable mesh surface to reduce the pressure on your shoulders to keep the back ventilated, cool and dry.


    [You will get]-You will get our quality service, and we will help you at any time-if you find any quality problems on our backpacks, please feel free to contact us via email!

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  • Bathroom shower curtain, bathroom bathtub decoration, durable, polyester with anti-rust metal sheath, waterproof and washable, hotel high-quality bathroom shower curtain, 71×71 inches

    Original price was: $18.71.Current price is: $15.59.

    [High-quality material]: The shower curtain is made of polymer polyester fabric, which is waterproof, quick-drying, durable, light in weight, and smooth. It can effectively prevent the shower curtain from getting close to the body during bathing and is suitable for creating a comfortable bathing environment.


    [Sagging feeling will not float]: The built-in weighted pendant provides weight to help the shower curtain maintain a drooping feeling and is not easy to float. Thicken the opacity to maintain privacy and create a spa shower experience.


    [Quick assembly and disassembly]: There is a metal sheath on the top of the shower curtain, which is durable and not easy to rust. The curtain ring can quickly hang the shower curtain on the pole. When you want to clean or replace the shower curtain, it can be easily removed.


    [Easy to clean]: Just open the curtain ring in the washing machine. Please do not use bleach. If there are wrinkles, iron gently at a lower temperature. Quick dry. The particularly strong fabric and tight hem can avoid shrinkage and deformation.


    [Multifunctional]: This shower curtain is suitable for modern bathroom decoration, suitable for bathrooms, hotels, door curtains, bathroom curtains, room partition curtains, dormitory curtains, wardrobe curtains, car curtains, party backgrounds, etc.

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  • Bicycle Backpack, Cycling Backpack, 25L Bicycle Backpack Waterproof Breathing Bag, Outdoor Travel, Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Cycling, Running and Skiing

    Original price was: $41.75.Current price is: $34.79.

    [Lightweight]: The bicycle backpack is made of high-quality nylon material, durable anti-cracking materials and the best quality zippers. Lightweight materials can reduce the burden of the backpack on the athletes and make running more comfortable.


    [Adjustable strap]: With adjustable shoulder, chest and waist belts to ensure a perfect fit with the athlete’s back, this bag will not rebound when you ride a bicycle. It will not bring a heavy burden to your travel.


    [Waterproof]: Use 600D high-quality nylon canvas fabric, thick and durable, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, good waterproof performance, prevent water from entering the bag, with a waterproof inner layer inside to keep the contents of the bag dry.


    [Convenient drinking system]: It can be used as a drinking water bag, suitable for 1.5-2 liter water sacs. The special hole is designed for bladder water (without water bladder). When riding or running, you don’t need to stop to drink anymore, which is convenient and quick.


    [Wide application]: The back of the backpack integrates a breathable mesh pad to maximize the air permeability and heat dissipation capacity. Suitable for hiking, rock climbing, cycling, skiing, camping, mountaineering, mountain climbing, hiking, music festivals, short trips, etc.

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  • Comfortable and Breathable Four Seasons General Pu Leather Bamboo Charcoal Breathable Car Interior Seat Cushion Cover Pad Mat for Office Chair Auto Car Supplies

    Original price was: $24.47.Current price is: $20.39.
    • ❤Bamboo charcoal healthy cushion, ventilated and dry, Made of Activated Bamboo Charcoal & sponge of high elasticity, longtime use can maintain hip refreshed, there is a certain preventive effect on prevention of bedsore.
    • ❤Charcoal cushion can effectively control the temperature, adjust the humidity, Health Keeper, useful to relieve fatigue, quicken metabolism and prevent bacteria.
    • ❤Charcoal is a pure natural product and it is non-toxic, tasteless, no side effects. Natural environmental protection, clean air, eliminate the odor and tranquilizing Shuya, adsorption air smell, make the air return to nature.
    • ❤Massage, health care, imitation of the ergonomic design of wave form, promote blood circulation,relieve sedentary exhausted.
    • ❤Hint: cars have different seat belt locks with various setup locations, Before you buying please check whether your car is compatible with this pad.
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  • Hot Air Brush, Hair Dryer Brush for Hair Styling, 2-in-1 Combination Hair Dryer Brush & Volumizer, Negative ion, Curing, Modelling, Dry Hair Three In One

    Original price was: $38.87.Current price is: $32.39.
    • ❤ 2-in-1 Combination Hot Air Brush: Dry, style, curl, and straighten your hair with a single brush. Choose High Setting for rapid drying, Low Setting for styling, and Cool Setting blows for 10-15 seconds to maintain the hairstyle longer.
    • ❤ Negative Ionic Technology: The hot air brush can release the negative ions, which can moisture the hair, reducing the damage of the hair, nourishing the hair, eliminating frizz and enhancing shine for silky smooth hair, without static electricity.
    • ❤ High-Quality Design: The body of the curling comb is made of aluminum, which conducts heat quickly and evenly. The automatic constant temperature function keeps around 150°C during use, reducing the hair’s dryness and damage due to high temperature. The spherical comb tip does not hurt the scalp. Won’t jam the hair.
    • ❤ Travel-ready: The MYMM Hot Air Brush’s compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for styling both at home and on-the-go.
    • ❤ An Ideal Gift: A fantastic gift for your wife, mother, girlfriend, or any other person who’d appreciate salon-quality styling from the comfort of their home.
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  • Jig coil DIY Tools Kit, build coil Kit Complete Package, ohm Meter, Diagonal Pliers, Scissors, Screwdriver, Ceramic, elbow Tweezers, A1 heating wire, free cotton, Enhanced Edition

    • ❤ Multifunction kit, ready to choose according to their needs, Package is a good choice to save on shipping costs.
    • ❤ This set has everything with it you need to build your own coils and everything that you’re going to ever need you’re not going to have to buy anything else.
    • ❤ Merely trap your wire, turn the top cap, and you get that best micro coil in seconds, each and every time.
    • ❤ Light weight and portable, perfect for travel, and on the go.
    • ❤ The best price and quality, please contact us for any questions, you will be 100% satisfied with the service.
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  • Motorcycle USB Charger, motorbike phone Adapter, Waterproof SAE to USB plug, Car Boat 2.1A Dual 2 USB, Mobile Port Power Supply Port Socket, for phones, GPS, Tablets, Camera, Power Banks

    Original price was: $17.27.Current price is: $14.39.
    • ❤Easy to install, well fitted mounting bracket with 8 install ties and 3M glue, can be 360 degree rotated, allows freely installation of the adapter.
    • ❤Vibration proof USB and SAE connections stay in place, even when you ride, to ensure a power connection, New and improved chip set ensures no overheating and short circuits.
    • ❤Two USB outlet, convenient and high efficient,while charging for two appliances, There’s a rubber USB cover for water resistance and dust resistance, effectively enhance its lifespan.
    • ❤Safe and reliable, made of flame-retardant ABS and good conductive copper materials with 7.5A inline blade fuse, heat and corrosion resistant that well works at wide voltage range of DC 12-24V, great for almost all motorcycles.
    • ❤No need to worry about phone no electricity, Never missed important phone and mail when riding, Let GPS navigation always online.
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