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  • 26 Cupping Cups Biomagnetic Traditional Chinese Therapy Cupping Set Household Pull Out Vacuum Cupping Kit / Chinese Massage Medical Cupping Set Suction Acupuncture


    ❤Amazon purchase URL: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KVTX1XJ

    ❤Cupping Manual download link: https://us.mymm.store/cupping-manual-download/

    ❤They’re made of Polycarbonate, This material is well known for its strong, durable, break resistant features, and longer lasting than any other plastic.
    ❤Easy to use pressure release valves , No Need Doctor or Therapists, You Can Use by Yourself. Ancient Chinese Medicine Treatment, Safe and Reliable. Scroll down to Descriptions for more benefits.
    ❤Please Use Alcohol Disinfection Caps Before Use, the degree of suction is in your control with a vacuum pump, from gentle to strong.
    ❤You may see a lot of athletes or Hollywood’s star on the back of a round bruise, in fact, this is the traditional Chinese cupping.(Do not worry, that’s Painless therapy)
    ❤Cupping Therapy is clinically proven to reduce inflammation, release toxins (lymphatic drainage and detox), relax stiff muscles, relieve back, shoulder, neck tension & joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, clear colon blockages, reduce spider veins & stretch marks. Cupping therapy has been used by Olympics athletes for recouping.

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  • 3 Pcs Portable Mask Storage Bag, Mask Box, Dust-Proof And Moisture-Proof Folding Mask Storage Box With Lid, Reusable/Recyclable Mask Storage Box


    [High-quality material]: Made of food-grade environmentally friendly materials, the mask storage box is safe and odorless, easy to use, durable, and can be used with confidence.


    [Sealing protection]: These small storage boxes are dust-proof and moisture-proof, can be kept away from water stains and dust, and refuse secondary pollution. In this case, your mask is safe and it is very convenient to replace the mask.


    [Lightweight and portable]: The mask storage box is small in size, and the storage clip is easy to carry. You can store the mask at any time and put it directly in your pocket, backpack, or handbag. They are lightweight and easy to carry, and you can put them in your bag for easy use.


    [Multi-purpose]: You can use a portable box to store or carry your small items, such as jewelry, rings, necklaces, screws, nails, banknotes, bank cards, etc., portable mask storage bag-mask box, to provide convenience for your life.


    [Applicable]: Suitable for shopping, going to work, work, students studying at school, storing masks at home, and storing masks during meals. It is very suitable as Christmas gifts, gifts for men, graduation ceremonies, anniversaries, birthdays, sock fillers, gifts, parties, etc.

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  • Back Neck Foot Shiatsu Massager Pillow and Gift(Finger Joint Massager) , Electric Shoulder Deep Tissue Massage Pillow Machine , 8 Heating Massage Balls Relieve Body Fatigue , Home and Car Adapter

    • ❤Amazon purchase link:www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0749L18ZJ
    • ❤ Car and Home Dual-Use: Healthy massage pillow, anytime, anywhere, ease fatigue . Massage Pillow and Finger Joint Massager , 20 minutes makes it easy for you all day!
    • ❤ 3D Heating Massage Ball: 8 Heated Massage balls, Fully Relax the Muscles, Relieve Stress, Restore Physical Vitality. Built-in power protection device(5-15 minutes automatic shutdown, protect your body, not because of massage in same position for too long and feel unwell!)
    • ❤ Can be given to friends, relatives, parents, elders, leadership!
    • ❤ Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, kneading massage: 60 seconds automatic positive and negative kneading massage, simulation of live massage, conditioning qi and blood, soothing meridians
    • ❤ Wear-resistant breathable mesh, better heat dissipation, stretch elastic bandage, effectively fixed massage position, invisible zipper wheel alignment, altitude simulation 3D kneading massage balls, wiring safety buckle.
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